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Restaurant Rožmarin

  • Project Details

    NAME: Restaurant Rožmarin

    LOCATION: Gospska ulica , Maribor, Slovenia

    YEAR: 2006

    SIZE: 900 m2

    PROJECT TEAM: Špela Leskovic, Aleš Košak, Tina Vatovec

    PHOTO: Miran Kambič

    TEXT: Rožmarin is restaurant designed in 2006, with a show kitchen, a vine cellar, vine bar, VIP room,  a cafe and a bar extending to the street. It is located in pedestrian area of city center of Maribor, Slovenia. The whole space is divided in five levels, but still strongly connected with communications inside the glass façade. In restaurant the show-kitchen is a focus element. Floors and ceilings are made of chocolate brown epoxy. Side walls are cladded in mild violet leather to give some character to space but are also good for the acoustics of the space. Semitransparent curtains, which can be extended in various options, create privacy for tables. The design is simple and minimalistic and it builds on simplicity, hidden details and light. Six meters under street level, a wine bar is situated. A lot of wood is used on floor, ceiling, doors, and furniture. The main element is console wine table in length of seven meters. It’s made of steel and wrapped in solid wood. Modern chandeliers break seriousness and introduce a bit of kitsch.

Restaurant Rožmarin