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Bistro Magnet

  • Project Details

    NAME: Bistro Magnet

    LOCATION: Ljubljana, Slovenia

    YEAR OF DESIGN: 2022


    SIZE: 250 m2

    PROJECT TEAM: Špela Leskovic, Aleš Košak, Samantha Konec

    PHOTO: Ana Skobe

    TEXT: Bistro Magnet, an addition to Magnet restaurant near Ljubljana, offers a vibrant culinary experience. The youthful bistro combines relaxed elegance with modern design, featuring bright marble tabletops, table lamps, and a distinctive carpet. The green and black palette, creamy curtains, and ceramic-tiled walls contrast and create an inviting space. A VIP room with curtains provides privacy and different interior experience. The central oval room with a winter garden image and a communal table for twelve ensures a relaxed dining experience with thoughtful design elements.

Bistro Magnet